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When it comes to improving your game, I know there a lot of options available on the internet, but I've got something special to share from 40 years of coaching
with students of all levels from beginner to tour professionals.

I started teaching 40 years ago after I discovered the fundamental clue. I learned from one of the greatest Tennis coaches in the game, Vic Braden, and I want to pass this knowledge on to you!

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As a member of the CTW Academy you gain access to the wealth of Tom’s 40 years teaching methods.  More than any other coach, Tom has developed a way of teaching that is easy to understand and makes lasting improvement. Over the 9+ courses you’ll get Tom’s expert, ground-breaking teaching methods encompassed in over 220 videos. Don't worry, you are guided each and every step with a clarity and focus few other people possess. If this were another game, you might be thinking Vince Lombardi.

What you can experience are the ground-breaking:  Consistent Tennis Wins (Introduction To The Tom Avery Method), Rock Solid Backhand, Rock Solid Forehand, Serve Domination, Stroke Production For Power And Control, Topspin And Slice Factor, Tenacious Tennis Fitness, Tennis Nutrition Secrets and Consistency Secrets.

When you learn from the best, you can become your best!


Consistent Tennis Wins

If you are looking to reinvent your game or yourself, this is where you start. It's all about your foundation. A strong house needs a strong blueprint and a very solid foundation. Even if you are experienced at a higher level, I guarantee you will find the reminders you need or simply get a different approach. This course provides the game plan you need for every facet of the game. The ultimate key to taking your game to the next level is consistency!

Step 1

It's been proven consistency wins matches. Don’t just learn Tennis, learn the proper fundamentals, learn how to embody those fundamentals, be consistent and WIN! I give you the plan for every facet of the game and drills to bring it home as well.  The result? Consistent Tennis Wins


It's a fact - You will hit more forehands and backhands than all other strokes. They need to be “rock solid” consistent and powerful to take your game to a higher level. Don't just settle for a good shot now and then.

Make every shot count and make it the stroke your opponent does not want to see. Rock Solid Forehand will peel back the curtain and show you every trick in the book, plus it will enable you to fix any flaw.

Step 1

This course will enable you to improve in ways you never thought possible. You will become an independent player with the skills to not only correct your mistakes, but improve and elevate your game.  The result? You will own a ROCK SOLD FOREHAND! 


As I said, you will hit more Forehand and Backhand shots than any other in the game. The Backhand can be one of the toughest shots to master, but it is also the most elegant.  Many players struggle with this shot and the answer to a better backhand may not be what you think. One of the keys is a minor technique adjustment and learning to relax more with this shot. This course will help you develop an effortless backhand. When you have mastered this, you can breathe confidence into every backhand.

Step 1

Both the one-handed, two-handed and slice are covered with WTA professional player Stephanie Theiler doing the demos for the two-hander and Tom Avery doing demos with the one-hander. The slice backhand and the backhand volley are also covered in this Rock Solid Backhand Course that will surely crank your backhand up a notch. Yes, once you cover this ground, you are going to be on sure footing. The result? You will own a ROCK SOLID BACKHAND!  


Once you have covered the ground strokes and embraced the principles, you need to understand the serve. The serve is the single most important shot in tennis and if you can’t serve well then you’re just handing points to your opponents. In this course I’m going to give you the knowledge you need to practice and transform your serve into a reliable weapon that you can count on.This is a total comprehensive course detailing every aspect of the serve from how to hold the racquet and how to toss to hitting a powerful kick serve.

Don't worry if you have been frustrated with this element of the game. I have the fixes, the guidance and the knowledge to help you at every step of the way. The result? A RELIABLE Serve where a double fault occurs once in a Blue Moon.

Step 1

I have taught many students how to master this critical stroke. It may seem difficult, but once you know the secrets, it is all over the net. The result? Consistent Tennis Wins!


Once you have covered the ground strokes and the serve, it's time to hone in and refine.

In this course I’m going to teach, train and drill into you, consistent tennis—the kind of tennis that wins games. This course is divided into 10 Modules, covering every stroke in the game. I’m taking my 40 years of fixing flubs and helping you to avoid all the pitfalls of bad stroke production.

This course will fine-tune ALL YOUR STROKES from the serve, ground strokes and volleys to the overhead and lob. You will be able to play from any area on the court and become AN ALL COURT PLAYER.

Step 1

You will wonder why you didn't think of these things before, but the results will speak for themselves. What results? Strokes that are fundamentally sound and reliable that will give you more Consistent Tennis Wins!


Over the years I’ve found that many of my students did not really have a clear understanding of topspin and slice, i.e., what it is, how to get it, advantages and disadvantages and when to use them. Topspin is such a critical factor in today's game,  so I knew I had to deliver this fundamental in the most dynamic way possible.

There are 35 videos in this course covering every situation and detail. Through the Topspin And Slice Factor course you’ll be building a solid foundation for these very critical strokes.

Step 1

I will guide you easily and confidently through every situation. Pick up and embrace these fundamentals, and you will have more tools in the toolbox and be able to deal with every opponent you meet. The result? High Bouncing topspin and Low skidding slice that will wreak havoc on your opponents!


Tom Avery says, “Besides working on your stroke technique, taking your fitness to a higher level is the next best thing you can do for your tennis game.” If you never run out of gas you will be a tough opponent.

This course is divided into 3 Video Modules, Strength and Power, Footwork Speed and Agility, Endurance and Flexibility. Follow the workouts and you’ll feel stronger, have improved shot execution, balance and control over the ball with less effort and minimize your chances of injury.

Step 1

There are 4 BONUS videos, How To Get Slim Without Dieting, How To Prevent Injury And Recover Faster, How To Warm Up Correctly, How To Prevent Tennis Elbow and Other Injuries, and a PDF file of Tom’s Top Ten Smoothie Recipes for optimum recovery and health.


Nutrition is probably one of the simplest fixes and most profound change you can make in your Tennis game. And for many people, it is simply a mystery and could be the best kept secret for a professional athlete. On the other hand, even if you are a recreational player and just want to keep playing into your 90's, there is a secret here that should not be overlooked. Tom who happens to be a sports nutritionist is going to teach you how to gain more energy, how to recover faster from tough matches, and how to easily keep your training consistent for long-term results. In this course you’ll discover why changing to a plant-based way of eating is the most beneficial and how to implement simple recipes and guidelines that will have you feeling like a new person. If you’re serious about taking your game to new heights this course will not only do just that, it will take your health to a feeling you never dreamed possible. This course comes with a 98 Page E-Book which gives you the mindset for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the recipes to go with it.  Also, there are Dressing and Desert recipes that are so tasty, you'll wonder why you didn't go plant-based sooner. 

Step 1

Also, in this course, 12 videos by Tom helping you avoid the common pitfalls. Tom takes his 12 years of knowledge on a whole food plant-based lifestyle and as a Sports Nutritionist to help you avoid the common pitfalls and the many common ailments experienced by so many today.

Tennis Nutrition Secrets will change your health and performance for the better and beyond what you ever deemed possible. The result? Better health means more energy to train better recovery and a more Consistent Tennis Game!


Consistency is the holy grail of tennis. And for many people, it is simply something they long for, but never seem to achieve.

I have taught a lot of students over my coaching career, and I think I have seen it all.

I am not going to pretend that I have every answer in the "book", but I have seen enough mistakes and corrected enough flaws to see average players elevate their game to levels they did not think possible.

Step 1

Having a coach on your side that can illuminate & identify your problem to provide an immediate fix, will not only do wonders for your game, but you will feel like you are on cloud nine when you start seeing more of those W's.

To that end, I decided to put my coaching cap on to identify all the most common problems that I have seen my students deal with. I then put together the fixes for those in each concise video.

Divided into 14 different categories, this is the complete compendium that every player should have ready access whenever you hit a plateau or just can't seem to get the fix.  There are 102 common problems in the Consistency Secrets Course and a video that explains and demos the FIX. We will be adding more common problems and the fixes as they come up.  When you purchase the course you get Lifetime Access to any future videos added.  The Result? A Lifetime of Improvement!

Are You Ready For A Game Changer?

"Proven Results"

Your courses have inspired me to not only become a better tennis player, but gave me the confidence to join my first inter club competition, and here I am holding my runner up trophy. I have never tried a slice serve and never knew how or when to use it, but after following your serve course, I am now picking it up and hope to be able to use it with confidence in my next tennis competition. Thanks to you, I have quite a good consistent serve which is improving all the time.

Wendy K

Queensland, Australia

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"Instant Improvement"

My husband is quite amazed at how much I have improved and I am proud to say I beat him 7-5 just last weekend! When I am struggling with a certain problem... I go online and search for an answer with Tom's videos! Tom , thank you so much for helping me make my husband sweat a bit more on the court ! I have been waiting 15 years for these glorious moments!

Roberta Granshaw

Kirkland Quebec, Canada

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"No One Better"

Tom's video lessons are the greatest tennis lessons available on the internet. They've improved my game by 100%! The last few years I was just another regular tennis player, losing most matches! But now in the last year after watching Tom's lessons, and then going out and practicing Toms's new tactics and techniques, I have doubled up my game! Now I am beating guys I never had a chance of beating.

Ben Johnson

British Columbia, Canada

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