5 Quickest Ways To Take Your Tennis Game Up A Notch!

As tennis players we’re all looking for improvement, that little edge that will help us win the tournament or just to finally beat a tough opponent. Many players however, are not quite sure where to start. Today, I’m going to give you the key elements you’ll need to work on and why they’re so important.

1.) Stroke Production – first and foremost you need consistent, reliable strokes. Your strokes will also need power and finesse. plus the ability to hit target areas. I say stroke production is number 1 because without reliable strokes you cannot implement strategies and tactics. Also, you cannot exploit your opponents’ weaknesses without consistent strokes. The bottom line is, work on your strokes numero uno.

2.) Fitness – even consistent solid strokes will fall apart if you’re not fit. You need to spend time working on all aspects of fitness including strength, flexibility, quickness, footwork and endurance. You’ve got to feel confident you can go the distance whatever it takes. Also, having good balance and spacing, which prevents unforced errors, is commensurate with your fitness level. Staying fit also prevents injuries so you can spend more time playing and training.

3.) Strategy and Tactics – Every player MUST KNOW and stick to their basic style or STRATEGY. Are you a counter-puncher? An aggressive baseliner? An all-court player? Or a net rusher? Knowing the personal style that fits you is KEY. You also need to know your personal tactics. Tactical adjustments you can make within the framework of your personal strategy. In other words highlight your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. You must avoid your opponents strengths and attack their weaknesses.

4.) The Mental Game – the mental game is a big factor to your success as a player. However, being mentally fit does not always come naturally. Being mentally fit requires being put into pressure situations in matches and in PRACTICE. Learning to focus on the things YOU CAN CONTROL and IGNORING THE REST, this will help you build a winning attitude. Learning to focus on things you can control such as “where am I going to hit this return of serve” or “keep hitting kick serves to my opponents backhand side” and endless other thoughts that are in your control . These thoughts help you regain your focus and stay engaged in the process. Bottom line? Stay engaged in the process and the winning takes care of itself.

5.) Nutrition – This one is usually left out of the equation by most players or because of the enormous amount of confusion about nutrition they’re on the wrong track. If you ask anyone on the planet which foods are the healthiest? Many will respond ‘fruits and vegetables’ and rightly so. Yet many athletes are taking all kinds of protein potions and powders, eating all kinds of animal products on a daily basis. But do tennis players or any other athlete really need animal products for peak performance? Could these products promoted by the very powerful meat and dairy industries actually hinder your performance?

The answer is YES and I spill the beans in my new tennis nutrition course called: Tennis Nutrition Secrets – The 30 Love Diet that is coming soon!.

This course will help you reach a level of health and peak performance you never dreamed possible, guaranteed.

All the best and happy hitting,