Forehand / Backhand

The Grip is a Key Factor in Control and Consistency

Tennis Singles Strategy Tips – Keep it Deep

How to Fix The Biggest Mistake in Tennis

Develop Your Forehand With The ETCH Swing

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How To Improve Your Forehand Follow Through

When players are developing fundamentally sound technique with their groundstrokes, I love to give them checkpoints…

How To Get More Control With Your Forehand

Sometimes I’ll hear some of my students say: “I just didn’t have touch today with my forehand”. And the reason for that…

Improve Your One Handed And Two Handed Backhand

The first step in improving a stroke is to make sure you have a grip that is conducive to the shot you want to hit. As an example, for…

Key Elements Of The Two Handed Backhand

Many people take up tennis later in life, starting in their 20’s, some even start as late as their 70’s and every age in between…