Your Training Includes:

  • A tested, proven plan to transform you into a truly consistent player
  • 10 “freeze frame" shot videos with full "voice-over" commentary
  • I cover serve, return of serve, forehand, volley, backhands and more
  • 4 serve tips you've learned that are wrong, and their antidote
  • Federer topspin "trick" which doubles your spin while keeping accuracy
  • How to expend 5X less energy and get 5X more accuracy
  • How to generate massive racquet head speed effortlessly
  • A grand approach strategy with a 66% chance of securing the point
  • Precise shot placement that bullies your opponent & weakens return
  • 2 Extra BONUS videos on Serve Mindset
  • Lifetime access to all this for $50 off the regular price

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