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Consistent Tennis Wins (The Book)

Consistent Tennis Wins Book

This is the guide that started it all. Tom wrote this with his students in mind and it is still an invaluable book full of the most important tips and advice to elevate your game.

Consistent Tennis Wins Chapter

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New Re-mastered Digital Download Edition


Check out the table of contents, and see if you recognize any of the issues listed. Tom will give you the tip you need at the time you need it.

Consistent Tennis Wins Digital

And when you are ready for more, get the full course on line and expand take your tennis game to the next level. As with all of tom's teaching, it is succinct, clear and to the point. The result? Consistent Tennis Wins!

You get both:
he Classic Paperback
& Digital D
ownload Edition.
It's more than a find, it's a steal! (Download link available after purchase)

Your Purchase Includes:


• Paperback edition and digital edition (PDF) for use anywhere

• The book that started it all to deliver Consistent Tennis Wins

• A great resource with tips and advice you won't anywhere else

• Succinct, clear, no-fluff & to the point, plus it's filled with illustrated examples to simplify concepts

• A great companion to the digital online course (Consistent Tennis Wins)

• Chapter 1: The Grip

• Chapter 2: The Backswing

• Chapter 3: The Forehand

• Chapter 4: The Backhand, elevating the most pleasurable shot in tennis

• Chapter 5: How to be consistently vertical at contact

• Chapter 6: The Volley, What is it is and isn't

• Chapter 7: The Serve and how to be the master of it

• And much more...

• Access to all this for a fraction of the regular price

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