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You may have tried a lot of coaches or lessons, but Tom is very different. He has helped thousands of players get beyond their handicaps to become their own teacher. Every course that Tom has created is geared toward making you an independent player capable of recognizing your mistakes and fixing them at any level.

"I'm probably not going to turn you into a Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Willams or Sharapova, but I am going to show you the same path that they walked, and I know from 40 years of coaching excellence, that it just plain WORKS!"

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The Tom Avery Method

This is a great introduction to Tom's teaching methods and it's designed by Tom for instant improvement.

There's nothing like a solid foundation. In this 10 Video series with Bonuses, you are going to find the knowledge you need to take your game to the next level.

This knowledge will help give you the power and ability to quickly fix mistakes, even when you’re in the middle of a match, and need to change something to put you back on track.

The drills and techniques learned here can easily be implemented in your practice and will more importantly help you turn your matches into more what you really desire. The result? Consistent Tennis Wins. PERIOD!

Your training Includes:

  • A tested, proven plan to transform you into a truly consistent player
  • 10 “freeze frame" shot videos with full "voice-over" commentary
  • I cover serve, return of serve, forehand, volley, backhands and more
  • 4 serve tips you've learned that are wrong, and their antidote
  • Federer topspin "trick" which doubles your spin while keeping accuracy
  • How to expend 5X less energy and get 5X more accuracy
  • How to generate massive racquet head speed effortlessly
  • A grand approach strategy with a 66% chance of securing the point
  • Precise shot placement that bullies your opponent & weakens return
  • 2 Extra BONUS videos on Serve Mindset
  • Lifetime access to all this for $50 off the regular price
  • And much more...

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