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Consistent Tennis Wins DVD Set

Grab this DVD set and you’ll have an everlasting library of tips that can change your game forever. This DVD was produced before the advent of all the HD and 4K formats, but the information is still Rock Solid.

8 volumes and 7 hours of pure tennis gold. A great library resource you can go back to again and again.

And when you are ready for more, Join Coach Avery and get the full course on-line to take your tennis game to the next level. As with all of Tom's teaching, it is succinct, clear and to the point - No Fluff! The result?Consistent Tennis Wins. PERIOD!

Your Purchase Includes:

• The DVD set that started it all. Consistent Tennis Wins

• This DVD set was produced before the advent of HD & 4K video formats, but 8 volumes still provide all the wisdom needed to master every fundament and elevate your game

• An everlasting library of tips and instruction that can change your game forever.

• Covers the whole game with over 7 hours of indispensable instruction

• Understand why inconsistencies happen and how to program your muscles to prevent them

• Learn strategies for singles & doubles

• Conquer the most difficult stroke in the game, The Serve

• Learn how to increase the most pleasurable shot in the game, The Backhand

• Learn how to "groove" consistent strokes

• Learn return of serve, how to get to the net and speciality shots

• And much more...

• Access to all this for a fraction of the regular price

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