Why am I so EXCITED about my plant based diet?

I want to give you a quick summary of my coaching credentials. I’m an elite professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association. I’m a graduate of the Vic Braden Tennis College and I’m a certified sports nutritionist. I went to a plant-based diet about 8 years ago, and it has helped my life tremendously.

It’s helped my tennis tremendously. As soon as I started, I noticed I had more energy, I was recovering from workouts and tough matches much faster, more mental clarity. I became so pumped up by the results I was getting that I decided to study sports nutrition and I became a sports nutritionist. What I learned is amazing.

On a plant-based diet, basically you’re getting a more nutrient-dense diet than an animal-based diet and without the saturated fat and cholesterol, which means, for you, that everything in your body is going to start to function better. You’re going to have stronger teeth, stronger bones; your brain is going to function better; your heart, your lungs are going to function better; your muscles are going to recover faster, have more energy, and get stronger.

Now to help you with a plant-based diet, to make things easy for you, to help you transition to this lifestyle, I’ve created a diet specifically for tennis players. It comes complete with 16 videos that step-by-step will help you transition in an easy and enjoyable manner. There are 82 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, salad dressings. It’s all there. Everything you need to make an easy transition to a plant-based diet.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9am, Eastern Standard Time, I’m launching the course. Make no mistake about this. This is something that cannot only take your tennis game to new heights, this course can actually take your life to heights you never dreamed possible. Look for that tomorrow in your e-mail.

All the best. Take care.