The Volley Is So Versatile

Hey guys, coach Tom and Coach Elias. Today. We're talking about volleys, all kinds of volleys. When we talk about a volley. We're talking about a ball that you hit before the bounce. Now, you can take those shots all over the court, right Elias. Yes. I mean you could take  a volley three or four feet inside the Baseline many times. You'll see Pros do that. They'll take a full swing on that shot or just use a standard volley. But you know, you've got so many different types of techniques for this shot, right? Yeah, when you're close, you might be pressing down more a little more, going for a little more angle.

If you are back near the service line, you may be hitting out more trying to get depth on your volley swing volley near the service line. That's a totally different animal because you're hitting the ball kind of high you're hitting you're hitting the ball up around shoulder height or higher. On that swing volley and then you've got the mid-court volleys where you know, you can as I mentioned you can use that standard volley technique where it's just a short backswing short forward swing or you can take a full swing at it.

Yeah, but the contact point would be different right, exactly. Yeah where we want to focus on the contact point like you said if I come in and I use my topspin volley. I want to contact the ball hi, around,shoulder height or higher. Yes. I have a nice follow through and I can bring the ball down.

Yeah a little bit more where you know many times on a midcourt volley, right? You're going to be contacting the ball. Maybe even waist high. Yeah, it's possible, right? Yeah. So what if you're in midcourt and you're not going to let the ball bounce your tilt still taking a full swing so it's a topspin swing.

And that's not an easy shot. That's a tough shot. Sometimes you're better off using the standard volley with the short backswing. But anyway, today's all about volleys - another tip. If you decide to take the volley as a topspin volley, I want you to focus on bringing your racket back as soon as you see the ball coming so you are in the ready position here nice and high elbow away from the body.

And then pushing your weight again into the direction of your target. Okay, Elias starts to move the feet. Get the feet in position when you have to hit that swinging volley. Okay, right there. He plants that right leg. So he's loading now. He's got the upper body torqued notice, the left arm. The hitting elbow is up away from his body that prevents the racket from opening up now as he swings, you'll see he makes contact well above shoulder level.

And he's brushing across the ball to give himself some topspin and he's going to land on the left foot.  Okay,

Elias starts preparing the feet for The Swinging Volley. Now, he's got to plant that right leg. He's going to load on the right leg notice. He's bending his knees left arm out in front. He's torqueing the upper body hitting elbow away from the body. Now he is unwinding uncoiling into the shot now right before contact notice.

His wrist has not broken at all. Now, look at his wrist. It's flopped over that's giving him that brushing. He's going to land on that left foot.  All right, if you tip here on the volley, tip, number one, I want you to focus on a really good ready position. Meaning your stance your feet a little bit more than shoulder-width apart nice and low and your upper body is nice and straight.

So you're going down in your knees with your legs upper body stays nice and long. Now when the ball is so but higher over the net you want to take advantage of the ball and get on top and press the ball more down on the lower shot. I want you to focus on getting nice and low with your knees. So your racket is stays tilted up and then come under the ball and press it up again.

Okay here is a slow motion on a low volley.

Elias does a very nice job good posture here using the knees like an elevator upper body. Still stays somewhat up right now. You notice he's hitting the ball back on the same angle that the ball is coming down on notice here on this one. See the ball is clearing the net coming down. He hits it back on the same angle.

On this next one here. It's a higher ball. He's closer to the net. So he presses down more on the ball with more of an angle more of a put away Volley.

Well, we hope you enjoyed that video. Please give us a like thumbs up subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends. Nice job demoing. Thank you. Volley shot. You've got to be able to take the ball before the bounce if you want to be an aggressive player exactly. Yeah, so look for the vale course.

We're going to be launching soon and all the best guys. Take care.

Tom Avery
Tom Avery

Tom Avery has been helping and coaching students for 40 years. Tom has appeared everywhere from the Tennis Channel to YouTube. His coaching and clarity is second to none. Tom empowers every player to excel at any level of the game. He has a quick fix for every problem and is often referred to as the Godfather of Tennis Video Instruction.

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