Could you practice like this?

Tennis walls are a great way to accelerate your practice and improve your confidence.

Tom Avery
Tom Avery

Tom Avery has been helping and coaching students for 40 years. Tom has appeared everywhere from the Tennis Channel to YouTube. His coaching and clarity is second to none. Tom empowers every player to excel at any level of the game. He has a quick fix for every problem and is often referred to as the Godfather of Tennis Video Instruction.

    10 replies to "Is Practicing Against The Wall Good For Your Tennis?"

    • eric silco

      very informative, you have great, easy to follow videos. thanks tom!

    • Bob mckee

      Hi tom, could you please demonstrate the two handed backhand, Thanks bob

      • Tom Avery

        Hi Bob,
        I have a backhand course here on the site that covers the one-handed, two-handed and slice… it’s reasonably priced… in that course former WTA player Stephanie Theiler demonstartes the 2 hander in slow motion and a voiceover to explain key points. I also have numerous videos on YouTube covering the 2 hander.
        To your tennis success,

    • Gray Hetherington

      Thanks. Tom – that was very useful. I shall be spending more time than usual on the wall this coming month!

    • Slobodan Krsljanin

      Hi, Tom, I’m tugging on the wall, and that’s good for me. Thank you for reminding everyone how important the wall is! Best Regards!!!

    • Beverly

      This was very helpful. I am going tomorrow to practice on the wall. 🎾

      • Tom Avery

        That’s great!! I’m glad this video inspired players to get out for a hit on the wall!
        All the best,

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