Video #1 of 7 – How To Prevent Serves Going Into The Net



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What are the solutions to hitting in the net? Number one, don’t think down, instead think up and out, this will give you the right mindset and give you net clearance. You must learn to rely on gravity and spin to pull the ball into the service box.
Another point to keep in mind is, keep the head up, watching the ball. The head is the heaviest part of the body, when the head drops too soon (you take your eyes off the ball before contact) it pulls the entire upper body down, which tilts your racquet down at contact, simply driving the ball into the net.
When practicing your serve technique or any other technique I always recommend concentrating on one or two points or concepts.
In this lesson, the two points to remember are:

  • Up and out
  • Head and chest up

It’s been proven players can successfully concentrate on one or two points as they’re attempting to execute a stroke. On the other hand, three points would be too many and leads to confusion. When practicing it’s important to focus on those two points, this will insure that you burn the signal in the brain which coordinates every muscle in our bodies.
Another point to consider separately is keeping the toss arm up slightly longer. If the toss arm drops prematurely, again the upper body is drawn down quickly and your racquet will be tilting down at contact, sending the ball in the net.

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