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Your Training Includes:

  • The Exact Racquet “Home” Position To Hit a Perfect Serve Every Time

  • The 2 Common Grips To Never Use – These MakeA Great Serve Impossible

  • The '1 Quick Fix' To Never Have Your Balls Landing In The NetAgain

  • The 3 Critical ElementsTo Generate Enormous Racquet Head Speed Effortlessly

  • The Precise Toss “Shape” That Virtually Guarantees Pinpoint Serve Accuracy

  • The Winning Pre-Serve Strategy For Hyper-Consistency

  • The 3 Keys To Making Your Flat Serve A Truly Dependable Weapon

  • 3 Types Of Kicker Serves And How To Install Their “Feel” Into Your Muscles For Life

  • When And How To Hit Slice For Maximum Statistical Chance Of Winning The Point

  • The 2 Sure-Fire Secrets To Never Hit a Serve Long Again

  • How To Banish “Double Faults” And Develop A Killer, Rock-Solid Second Serve

  • And Much, Much More…

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