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You may have tried a lot of coaches or lessons, but Tom is very different. He has helped thousands of players get beyond their handicaps to become their own teacher. Every course that Tom has created is geared toward making you an independent player capable of recognizing your mistakes and fixing them at any level.

"I'm probably not going to turn you into a Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Willams or Sharapova, but I am going to show you the same path that they walked, and I know from 40 years of coaching excellence, that it just plain WORKS!"

Listen as Tom Explains:


The Backhand can be one of the toughest shots to master.

Many players struggle with the one-hander and put tremendous effort into developing the shot but never achieve their goal. The answer to a better backhand may not be what you think.

One of the keys is a minor technique adjustment and learning to relax more with this shot. This course will help you develop an effortless one-handed backhand.

Demos by Tom Avery show you every step of the way.

The two-handed backhand is also covered and you will be taught how to prevent mistakes and the key thing to focus on at the moment of contact.

The two-handed backhand demos are with WTA professional player Stephanie Theiler doing the honors. The slice backhand and the backhand volley are also covered in this Rock Solid Backhand Course that will surely crank your backhand up a notch. When you have mastered this, you can breathe confidence into every Backhand.

The result? Consistent Tennis Wins. PERIOD!

Your Training Includes

  • 30 videos, 6 modules cover everything you need for both 1-handed & 2-handed backhand control and power
  • Learn the right grips for 1-handed & 2-handed backhand strokes
  • Learn how to generate power with your backhand
  • Learn how to generate consistent net clearance
  • Learn how to keep it inside the baseline
  • Learn how to deal with high bouncing balls
  • Learn the backhand slice correctly & the slice shocker
  • Learn the 1-handed & 2-handed backhand volley
  • Lifetime access to all this for $100 off the regular price
  • And much more...

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