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You may have tried a lot of coaches or lessons, but Tom is very different. He has helped thousands of players get beyond their handicaps to become their own teacher. Every course that Tom has created is geared toward making you an independent player capable of recognizing your mistakes and fixing them at any level.

"I'm probably not going to turn you into a Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Willams or Sharapova, but I am going to show you the same path that they walked, and I know from 40 years of coaching excellence, that it just plain WORKS!"

Listen as Tom Explains:


Typically, when you ask players, “What’s your best shot?”  They almost always say, “My forehand.”

But, through my 40 plus years of coaching, I’ve discovered they usually say that in relation to a weak backhand.

Many players could tremendously improve their forehand, but they don’t give it much thought because they think it’s just fine.

Whatever level your forehand is at now, it will be taken to a new higher level of consistency and power.

The forehand is one of the most used shots in the game and you need to know how to use it properly.

Most tennis players learn the wrong things because the shot is used so much.

In today’s game the forehand is the go to shot. The forehand needs to be a reliable, powerful weapon in order to win points consistently. If you’re looking for more reliability, power and spin with your forehand this course is for you.

I’ve designed this Rock Solid Forehand Course to help you gain the confidence, power and control you need to make every forehand shot count.

The result? Consistent Tennis Wins. PERIOD!

Your Training Includes

  • 23 Videos, Drills & 6 Bonus Workouts to create a powerful weapon that can dominate your opponents and elevate your game
  • Learn the critical steps from grip to timing for forehand consistency
  • Learn how to frustrate your opponent with topspin
  • Learn how to develop pin-point accuracy
  • Discover all the elements needed for finesse with drills to develop a soft hand and accuracy
  • Learn the grip tweak you need for raw power
  • Learn to develop the perfect swing angle and how to hit short angles
  • Learn the critical point for maximum racquet head speed
  • Lifetime access to all this for $100 off the regular price
  • And much more...

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