Justin Pearson
Linton, IN. USA

"Tom Avery's instruction on the serve is very beneficial. One reason why is because he breaks all the steps of the serve down and tells you how to perform them. He also gives certain key points to remember in order to get the ball into the service box. Back before I discovered Tom Avery and his amazing work, my serve was, at times, pretty inconsistent. Now, I can hit my serves with more confidence and belief than I have ever had before. I would highly recommend to anybody who's looking to improve their serve to follow Tom Avery's instructions. He makes them easy to learn and understand."

Richard Barker
Albuquerque, NM. USA

"Before I enrolled in the course my serve was quite inconsistent and did not have too much pop or speed. I also did not have either a slice or or kick serve for my second serve so I just tried to hit a flat second serve. Due to Tom's technique on the loop toss and also the approach to hitting the ball for a slice or a kick effect I have vastly improved my serving technique. Many folks at my club have remarked how well I am serving. In fact. I think the serve improvement has a been a big factor in winning the two singles tournaments at my club against much younger and also higher skilled players over the past 3 months."

Ben Johnson
British Columbia, Canada

“Tom's video lessons are the greatest tennis lessons available on the internet. They've improved my game by 100%! The last few years I was just another regular tennis player, losing most matches! But now in the last year after watching Tom's lessons, and then going out and practicing Toms's new tactics and techniques I have doubled up my game! Now I am beating guys I never had a change of beating.”

Kim Prince
Former ESPN commentator

"Insightful, practical and memorable… A terrific learning tool Tom Avery knows what he is talking about."

Vicki Mordan
University of West Florida

"Tom is outstanding. He has given me the confidence to take my game to the next level. I only wish I would have met him sooner."

Shane Racine
Rising Sun, Maryland

"Whether its a verbal cue that really hits home, or a comment that provokes the type of thought that leads to break through discovery, Tom has done a fine job with his instructional library. I will continue to refer to his expertise as long as I am in the game."

Wendy K.
Queensland, Australia

"Your courses have inspired me to not only become a better tennis player, but gave me the confidence to join my first inter club competition, and here I am holding my runner up trophy. I have never tried a slice and never knew how or when to use it, but after following your serve course. I am now picking it up and hope to be able to use it with confidence in my next tennis competition. Thanks to you, I have quite a good consistent serve which is improving all the time."

Chuck and Barabara Skarshaug
Hot Springs Village, Arizona

"Thanks so much for the wonderful instructional videos. Your videos have helped me become a much better player. The thing that I like the most is that you talk about technique and mechanics and break them down so that any level player can benefit from them."

Roberta Granshaw
Kirkland Quebec, Canada

"I can truly and honestly say that since I signed up to Tom's on line serve course, my game has greatly improved! Tom's technique of tossing the ball slightly in front of you while rocking back (for lack of better description) has greatly improved the strength and accuracy of my serves. My husband is quite amazed at how much I have improved and I am proud to say I beat him 7-5 just last weekend! When I am struggling with a certain problem... I go online and search for an answer with Tom's videos! Tom , thank you so much for helping me make my husband sweat a bit more on the court ! I have been waiting 15 years for these glorious moments!"

Brian Lee Walters
Wayzata, Minnesota

"Awesome Videos. You’ve made me really reconsider my game. You could offer a school for tennis teachers too in my opinion. Your videos are worth more than the price."

Johan Kristianto
Sydney, Australia

"I have been playing tennis for 20 years and your courses have improved my game dramatically. My forehand & Backhand are more consistent than ever by slight change of technique such as grip, head tilt, and others. On top of that, I come to the game with full strategy in mind, not just tactics nor hitting the balls. All my friends have asked what is your secret? On top of this, my serve has dramatically improved. I used to have issue with serve going long, into the net, etc. I improved this by focussing on the ball and changing the way I toss the ball. It is amazing how Tom pointed out in the course that small changes: ball toss, grip, head position, rhythm, body position and many others has synergy to create powerful serve. I would definitely recommend Tom's courses to everyone who are passionate about tennis."

Dr. Jerome Laffer
Fayetteville, New York

"I recently attended Tom Avery Tennis Academy in Naples, Florida and got just what I wanted. I recommend this program to those who want to play tennis at the next level."

Lynn Albert
Dayton, Ohio

"Tom Avery’s videos, as well as his on court instruction, has raised my tennis game to a new level. The videos are helpful and enjoyable to watch."

Sanket Nikam
Columbus, Ohio

“Recently, I came across Tom's course and signed up for it with great hope to improve my poor serve. To my surprise, I was astonished by all of Tom's video instructions loaded with wealth of important tricks, drills and demos. Tom has broken down the serve swing in several small steps that helped me to great extend to understand swing pattern for serve.”

Daria McMahon
Columbia, South Carolina

"Tom’s very concise and clear explanations, together with his video demonstration allowed me to develop a topspin forehand. I visited Naples and received personal lessons from Tom Avery and he is a great teacher and I enjoyed the lesson with him very much."

David E. Buck
Davidson, North Carolina

"I did an online search for tennis instruction, stumbled upon Tom Avery's instruction. thoroughly benefited from his incredibly easy to understand approach. best investment ever! Tom not only KNOWS tennis. he adds the rare gift of being able to CONVEY that knowledge in ways that are transferable and easily remembered."

Kevin Kolenut
Westfield, New Jersey

"I am an adult tournament level player. I am passionate about my tennis and always looking to improve. I found Tom’s approach to tennis was so sound and easy for me to relate to. I had two serious flaws to my game and I feel I have made great strides in cleaning those areas up thanks to the site."

Dan Berkley
San Francisco, CA

"As a relatively new tennis player, I am using the Tom Avery instructional video about The Serve. Up until I first viewed The Serve video, I was barely progressing. It was literally hit and miss. On close analysis. I followed each move and suggestion for form and when to relax into the serve. I found that my growing frustration changed to success and motivation. Before, I was hardly getting a serve to stay on the court. Now, I am actually getting it in the box, with growing control. Significantly, the success level gave me confidence to continue on with tennis training and drills. That is a critical step for me to being able to stick with it and develop as a player. Thanks Tom!"

Vince Alfieri

"I thought I was headed for the psychiatrists couch…I could not cure my erratic strokes until I took a one hour tennis lesson from Tom Avery and within minutes I was stroking the ball like never before. Thanks Tom!"

Dr. Dan Ward
Crystal River, Florida

"Tom’s helped me quickly pinpoint and correct fundamental flaws in my game that literally dozens of other videos and lessons didn’t, including several weekends at several well-known academies. I only wish I knew about Tom when I started playing tennis four years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and defeats."

Scott Peterson
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Tom is so thorough. For example, he tells me all the reasons why I hit my backhand or forehand into the net and why I hit them long. I’m well on my way to becoming a much better tennis player. "

Jim Johnson
Fort Wayne, Indiana

"After twenty years of tennis and many lessons… I still avoided baseline forehands, two lessons from Tom and now it’s a shot I look for."