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I have just sent you a welcome email to the email address you just entered. This email contains important information about the tennis lessons I’ll be sending you over the next 7 days.

First… I want to let you know up front that my teaching style is very simplified. I give you two maybe three important points in each lesson so you can retain the information easily.

I’ll be covering the serve, the one and two handed backhand, topspin and slice shots, approach shots, angled volleys, net play and how to have a consistent forehand.

If you apply what you learn from my tennis instruction your tennis game will get better. That’s a guarantee!

Enjoy day 1 of 7 of your free online tennis camp! Click the link below to get started now. Don’t forget to check your email everyday.

Lesson #1 of 7 – The Trick To A Powerful And Consistent Forehand