Where Is My Course?

Ultimately, all things change. I apologize if we have left you out of anything...definitely not my intention. We had some major revisions, lost data and new systems had to be put in place, both for security and durability. Like the Energizer bunny, we want you to keep on running and running. You can imagine we had a ton to do with hundreds of videos.

We no longer have any subscriptions, only lifetime access!

We have emailed, but even some of those might not have made it to you correctly. The bottom line, everything is good now. BETTER THAN GOOD, GREAT!

If you have been left out in the cold, it's time to come back in to the warm waters. We will be happy to reactivate your account and let you see what great things are in store.

Stay tuned, 2019 has a lot of new and exciting vision to help you become your best!

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