Topspin Kick Serve

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Tom Avery
Tom Avery

Tom Avery has been helping and coaching students for 40 years. Tom has appeared everywhere from the Tennis Channel to YouTube. His coaching and clarity is second to none. Tom empowers every player to excel at any level of the game. He has a quick fix for every problem and is often referred to as the Godfather of Tennis Video Instruction.

    6 replies to "How To Hit A Topspin Kick Serve"

    • Sandra boll

      I love your instructions. Unlike many online lessons yours are right to the point without all the unnecessary talking and joking around. I learn well from your clear words and demo in the shortest amount of time.
      Thank you

      • Tom Avery

        Thank you Sandra, I may have to use this in my advertising efforts… it’s so concise and to the point!!!
        To your tennis success,

    • Joe

      Thanks Tom. I think I’ve not gotten enough pace on my kick serve because of not leaning in enough. I think this video will help.

      • Tom Avery

        Great!! Glad you picked that up…
        To your tennis success, Happy kick serves,

    • Frank

      His coaching and clarity is “wow”

      • Tom Avery

        Thanks Frank much appreciated!!
        All the best,

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